Thermal Ceramics

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Formulations which produce stable friction without noise, no wheel dust, and improved pad and rotor life over a wide range of temperature, pressure, and speed

Extensive experience working with customers all over the world to engineer, design and manufacture high performance fibres in operating environments from 500°C to 1600°C (932°F to 2912°F).

We have a proven track record for helping customers to improve products and respond to changing environmental concerns.

Global friction material manufacturers utilise our Superwool® Enfil™ family of fibres in OE and aftermarket formulations. Our customised fibre offerings are based on customer requirements and meet global health and safety regulations such as REACH.

Morgan’s Superwool family of fibres yields the highest temperature stable structural matrix in friction formulations. Customised variations of Morgan’s fibres provide outstanding value for all OE and after-market friction applications. Our Superwool Enfil fibres provide performance enhancements to semi-metallic, copper free, low steel pads, truck blocks, and lining materials. Morgan can assist in choosing the best material for your given application.

Superwool Enfil Fibres for Friction

We harness the ingenuity, passion and expertise of our employees to pursue increasingly advanced ceramic materials and applications which sets us apart.

  • Supply intelligently engineered solutions to a wide variety of industries and market segments
  • Integrated approach working with our customers incorporating
  • Morgan’s research, design, and global manufacturing expertise

Our Superwool low biopersistent fibre options for friction applications provide:

  • Range of fibre index (reduce un-fibreised grains or shot)
  • Fibre chemistry options for a wide temperature range
Pads, particles, silver pieces, white piles

Resources for Friction Applications