Thermal Ceramics


Partnering to improve emissions and increase energy efficiencies in the cement industry.

Thermal Ceramics manufactures a wide range of product solutions, from traditional dense abrasion resistant refractories to innovative designs with our WDS® Microporous.

Cement is the world’s most important building product and a cement kiln is the world’s largest moving manufacturing machine. Cement kilns are enormous cylindrical ovens, some as long as 300m and as much as 8m in diameter and rotate from 20 to 80 times an hour.

Stringent specifications for refractory materials to be used in cement kilns have evolved in response to the service conditions. Manufacturers have resorted to progressively higher operating temperatures and materials of higher refractoriness are required.

Thermal Ceramics is committed to finding innovative solutions to a broad range of thermal management challenges of the Cement Industry. Our Dense and Insulating range of castable products, Kaocrete®, Firecrete®, Kaolite®, Firelite®, Hicast®, Morflo™ and Morbond™ are widely used in the most critical areas such as pre-calciners, retainer ring, dropout area, bull nose, etc.

Our newest technology, WDS Microporous, has proven performance as a back-up insulation solution as well as our Superwool® Blok. These back-up insulation options improve kiln lining life and thermal efficiency.

Application Solutions

with Grate Cooler

Precalciner Kiln

with Satellite Cooler

Preheater Kiln

Wet or Long Dry

Process Kilns