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As greater demands are made to reduce emissions and improve renewable capabilities, the energy sector continues to need new technologies to help secure a more sustainable future for our planet. 

At Morgan, we partner with the energy sector to improve thermal management in petrochemicals and refineries, and support innovation in power generation for fossil fuels, fuel cells and other renewables.

The benefits delivered to the energy sector

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A proven history, of innovative and high performing designs and products

Explore our solutions for energy sector applications

Product and Systems

Superwool XTRA, a 1450°C fibre

Explore our newest innovation and learn how this 1450°C fibre can support your petrochemical, refinery or metals application.

Case Study

Improving performance and safety in Reformer Header Box

Improved performance - easier for maintenance teams to manage and a safer insulation material.

Product and Systems

Renewable energy solutions with WDS Microporous

We have cultivated a successful partnership with fuel cell manufacturers to protect and insulate the reformers in fuel cells. Find out why WDS Micrporous is ideally suited for thermal management and space challenges.