Thermal Ceramics

Heat Shields

Delivering optimal thermal performance

Our automotive heat shields are custom engineered multi-layered shielding solutions, designed to meet the stringent demands of the automotive market.

They deliver optimal thermal performance in emission control systems, turbochargers, engine parts and protect sensitive components that are exposed to high temperature environments.

A comprehensive range of heat shield cladding options combined with Morgan’s portfolio of high performance
Superwool® Fibres and WDS® Microporous insulation, allows Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to balance cost and performance to deliver a cost effective, light weight and durable solution.

Superwool Fibres and WDS Microporous deliver excellent insulating properties, increasing thermal efficiency and provide maximum heat retention within the exhaust system. This in turn reduces fuel costs and pollution levels.

Using our insulation products, the exhaust gas temperature remains high. The benefit of this is reduced exhaust pipe emissions, achieved by significantly reducing the light up time and improving vehicle fuel efficiency (during the cold start phase).


Rapid prototype development reducing off tool lead times by optimising in-house process and tool design


Mounting tools for installation at the customer site including manufacturing and design with customer target TAKT time awareness


Comprehensive support for thermal simulation

Direct Heat Shields

Our shell technology is a single steel shell, custom engineered and designed to fit directly onto the hot part.

  • Thin foil steel combined with unique surface dimpling allows the material to be formed into complex shapes without compromising the integral structure of the heat shield itself
  • Can be designed to be removable or fixed for the lifetime of the application
  • Excellent vibration resistance
Metal sheet
metal heat shield

Integrated Heat Shields

Our integrated solution is a custom fitted heat shield that is supplied assembled around the customer part.

  • Multiple options for fixation to the inner part, single or double crimping combined with seam or spot welding provides a low-cost assembly solution
  • Excellent vibration resistance

Flexible Jacket Insulation

Our insulation system designed with fabric inner and outer layer custom fitted for your design.

  • Multiple jacket options depending on thermal management requirements
  • Agile for combination with any insulation core
  • Small volumes
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Short manufacturing leads time for prototype and production
Silver insulation, thick jacket, straps

Resources for heat shield applications