Thermal Ceramics

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Supporting cleaner transportation and reducing emissions

From battery safety, to critical data recorders, and heat shields to friction management.

Utilising ceramic fibres and microporous technologies, our Thermal Ceramics business partners with industry leaders. We develop advanced materials to make the world more sustainable, and to improve the quality of life.

This purpose drives our people to solve complex customer problems: from managing heat and enabling greener technologies, to supporting improved materials for components in critical data recorders.

Working across a number of industries in the transportation sector, we deliver the materials science and technologies the world needs now.

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Battery Safety

Our EST™ Technology and WDS Microporous solutions provide thermal management and passive fire protection around battery packs in electric vehicles. While in aviation, they delay or prevent a thermal runaway event. We are focused on innovating these products to meet the requirements of our customers, as we invest in greener transportation design.

Critical Data Recorders

For over 60 years, the aerospace industry has relied on our Min-K® Microporous. This lightweight material solution provides thermal, acoustical and fire protection for applications ranging from critical data recorders, to heat shields for thrust reversers and ducts.

The extreme environments found in aerospace applications for Critical Data Recorders (CDRs) and Flight Data Recorders (FDRs), are also found in the rail and marine industries. All require engineered solutions designed to meet the stringent performance, temperature and weight specifications.

Min-K Microporous is specifically designed for aerospace CDRs and FDRs, in both commercial and military aircraft. Our high-performing product provides exceptional thermal efficiency, high compressive strength and low weight at high temperatures.

Our Min-K Molded Microporous products help manufacturers meet fire protection requirements in harsh environments and safeguard electronics during catastrophic events.

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