Thermal Ceramics

Power Generation

Reducing emissions and enhancing operations through advanced thermal management solution and design.

From fossil fuels to nuclear and renewable energy, our thermal insulation and fire protection solutions drive down emissions and protect renewable technologies.

Our trusted and reliable materials solutions are resistant to chemical and physical wear, corrosion and extreme heat. Our high temperature, high performance thermal management products and systems continue to meet the evolving challenges for a sustainable future.

Our application engineering expertise, partnering with leading Power Generation OEMs, helps us to deliver the Thermal Ceramics range of fiber, insulating firebrick, castables and microporous products that support improved productivity and efficiency of processes by conserving energy and reducing emissions and operating costs.

The solutions we provide include:

  • Thermal insulation Superwool® fibres like blankets, boards, papers and modules used in HRSGs, boilers, fuel cells, and energy storage walls
  • Pyro-Bloc® Modules are the preferred solution for auxiliary burners and stacks in HRSGs and door insulation in package boilers
  • Abrasion resistance needed in boilers across the Power Gen idustry seek the market leading, proven performance from Kaolite®, Firelite®, and Kaocrete® castables

Thermal Ceramics products feature superior insulating properties and our fibre, refractories and microporous offering also has the added benefit of fire protection properties.

Benefits of partnering with Thermal Ceramics

Industry Experience

Our application engineering teams come from the Petrochemical and Refinery industry and collaborate with you to support the industry in delivering emission reduction and sustainability initiatives.

Products and Systems

Comprehensive solutions to support new design innovation and improve maintenance opportunities. We deliver energy and operational lifecycle improvements.

Global, worldwide

Global Manufacturing

With operations on five continents, your global and regional Petrochemical and Refinery projects will be delivered within scope and on time.

Application Solutions

Heat Recovery Steam Generators

HRSG technology is critical to plant efficiency and our Superwool Pyro-Bloc modules and Kaolite insulating castables are two solutions used to ensure that this unit can reduce wasted energy by 20%.


Water tube, recovery, fire tube package and many other boilers in the Power Generation sector look to our Superwool pyro-bloc, JM insulating firebrick and Kaolite castables to bring improved lifecycle performance to their processes.

Renewable Energy

Solar, wind, fuel cells and energy storage are areas where we focus on bringing the most efficient thermal management and passive fire protection to an evolving platform, to make better use of our worlds resources.

Process Piping

Our solutions improve maintenance and congestion of pipe racks and pedestrian resistance, creating a safer environment for people and improving equipment lifecycle.

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