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Emissions Control

Advanced engineered fibres that can reduce carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions

We manufacture a range of advanced engineered fibres for use in emissions control devices. Our fibres play an integral role in the successful delivery of advanced vehicle emissions technologies, contributing to an improved environmental impact from the combustion engine.

We are proud to be a critical partner in the global effort to reduce CO2, N₂O, particulate and other harmful emissions, as the world transitions to zero impact vehicles.

  • Advanced engineered fibres have been a part of (and evolved with) the increased performance demands of catalytic converters for more than twenty years
  • Specialty fibres are designed to enhance the performance in diesel particulate and gasoline particulate filters
  • Insulation components are designed to improve cold start emissions and contain the heat when and where it is needed
  • Advanced engineered fibres are used to improve coating technologies and provide enhancements in devices that filter exhaust gases

Engineered Fibre Solutions

We provide customers with a range of ceramic fibres that are manufactured and modified in our specialised in-house processing, and meet exacting performance demands and specifications.

These advanced engineered fibres then become a key component in the manufacturing sequence for catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters, gasoline particulate filters, diesel oxidation catalysts and other emission control devices.

white fibre piles

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