Thermal Ceramics

Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP)

Designed for space, weight and thermal management in low temperature applications.

When selecting suitable insulation comes down to a question of space, Vacupor® VIP products provide a clear advantage in thermal insulation for low temperature range applications.

In most cases, when it comes to achieving the most efficient thermal insulation in the tightest spaces, Vacupor is the product of choice. Vacupor can be installed successfully and efficiently in a wide variety of low temperature applications from temperature-controlled packaging to building and construction.

Vacupor is easy to use, pressure resistant and self-supporting due to its proprietary Vacupor Technology. This solution provides a core Microporous structure that features excellent thermal and mechanical properties.

We are able to offer Vacupor according to your particular insulation requirements, in various shapes and sizes and we are continually developing further flexible applications for this outstanding insulation material.

Vacupor Product Data Sheets

In response to changes in regulatory agencies, and to allow for increased energy-saving capability, Vacupor is gaining popularity in many industrial applications, including refrigeration appliances, building insulation and temperature-controlled packaging. Vacupor is often selected over alternate insulation materials that may be less costly, but are also less efficient for the customer.

Vacupor combines the properties of a Microporous insulation material with the advantages of vacuum insulation technology, resulting in an extremely low thermal conductivity of <5 mW/mK. Vacupor can be used in the temperature range between -50°C and 120°C (-58°F and 248°F).

The core material is produced without any emissions, is not flammable and usually does not contain any organic components. Vacupor can be recycled and, according to industrial hygiene experts, does not pose any health hazard. The cellulose support filaments used for mechanical reinforcement are also not absorbable by the lungs, as defined by the WHO.

This makes Vacupor an ideal insulation material. Get in contact to allow us to create the best insulation for your application, or to discuss the requirements for your thermal management challenge.