Thermal Ceramics

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Furnace and backup products and systems that drive energy savings, worker safety and carbon dioxide emission reduction

Ferrous to non-ferrous metals manufacturing is conducted in a harsh environment.

Our applications engineering team, in conjunction with customers and our technology team, have created thermal management fibres, refractories and microporous solutions for use in furnaces, as backup insulation and for foundry products.

We support the design phase, including material selection, in order to reduce energy, improve furnace performance and ensure that any molten metal transfer vessel melt holds. Our global network of subject matter experts are ready to support the commitment from the metals industry, to reduce emissions in their plants.

Furnace Linings for Iron and Steel

Our leading high temperature, high performance insulating fibres, refractory and microporous solutions are available in an extensive range of formulations, and can be used for unique backup, plus furnace lining designs for reheating and heat-treating furnaces.

Pyro-Bloc® modules provide the furnace design a superior lining solution on the hot face in blast furnaces, hearth furnaces, and heat treatment furnaces. Our K™, JM™, TJM™ ranges of insulating fire bricks offer superior performance solutions to lining designs .

For severe atmospheric conditions, we offer engineered solutions with our Superwool® XTRA module lining solution. These products feature excellent resistance to high temperatures, mechanical stresses and chemical attack, for reliable operation and extended service life.

Like all Thermal Ceramics products, they provide effective and reliable insulation, and reduce energy costs at key stages in iron and steel processing.

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Backup for Molten Metal Transport Vessels

Thermal Ceramics has developed a unique system solution for molten metal transfer applications to support the Iron and Steel sector and further our commitment to carbon emissions reduction solutions for our business partners.

In steel making backup insulation, although very thin, can reduce heat loss drastically which in turn can reduce tap temperatures, increase residence time, reduce the thermal gradient in dense refractory, which increases refractory life and increase molten metal capacity.  Partnering with our Applications Engineering team, we are able to provide detailed Heat Flow Analysis to ensure your improved lining system is achieving:

  • High-temperature capability providing increased safety to the worker and process
  • Best-in-class insulating and thermal performance – 60% improvement – resulting in excellent energy savings and reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Optimum mechanical strength providing reliability of ladle performance

Our products and systems, like Superwool 1650SI Board, WDS® LambdaFlex® Microporous are among the solutions to support your harsh manufacturing challenges.

Crucibles and Foundry Products

Explore solutions from our Molten Metal Systems (MMS) business.

Molten Metal Systems, a business of Morgan Advanced Materials manufactures an extensive range of high performance crucibles and foundry consumables for non-ferrous metal melting applications.

We provide melting solutions for foundries, die-casters and melting facilities working with zinc, precious metals, aluminium, copper, brass, bronze and other non-ferrous metals.

The global business unit works with customers in non-ferrous castings, metal powder production, refining and recycling of precious metals and the production of pure aluminium for electronics applications.

Our product range includes: