Thermal management and passive fire protection solutions for Aersopace

From commercial airliners to state of the art military aircraft, Morgan Advanced Materials engineers a wide range of thermal management and passive fire protection solutions to provide exceptional capabilities whilst meeting stringent weight, temperature and performance specifications.

For more the 60 years, the Aerospace Industry has relied on the market leading and innovative, Min-K® Microporous insulation from Morgan Advanced Materials to provide lightweight, thermal and fire protection insulation solutions for applications ranging from critical data recorders to Heat Shields for thrust reversers and ducts.

Solutions specified and selected for these applications:

  • Min-K® Flexible Microporous
  • Min-K® Molded Microporous
  • Superwool® Fibres
  • EST™ solutions for battery storage
  • Heat Shields: cloth, textile, Mmetal

The extreme environments found in aerospace applications require engineered solutions designed to meet stringent performance, temperature and weight specifications.

Our aerospace applications team will work with you to engineer and supply the most appropriate thermal insulation solution for your project, anywhere round the world. To discuss your application requirements, contact us today.