Thermal Ceramics

Passive Fire Protection for Tunnel Construction

Safety is paramount. Trusted. Reliable. Proven

Life safety is critical for road and rail tunnels and our passive fire protection solution, FireMaster® FireBarrier™ has been successfully leading construction of these tunnels for decades.

Our systems insulate the main concrete structure of road and rail tunnels to prevent collapse in a fire and to also provide fire insulation to escape passages, refuges, ventilation shafts and critical communication or fire fighting services.

Tunnel Fire Protection

Optimal Performance in Fire Tests

Proven and Tested Performance

FireBarrier 135 is one of the most extensively fire-tested products available for tunnel fire protection with numerous tests to the various fire standards in force.

  • Numerous tests have been carried out to the RWS and HCM high-temperature tunnel fires
  • In these tests FireBarrier is required to insulate the concrete substrate to below 380°C and reinforcement bars inside to below 250°C (25mm from the concrete surface)
  • Some tests have even lower maximum temperatures allowed for the concrete as spalling temperatures vary for different concrete grades

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