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The modern construction of buildings and industrial plants require passive fire protection measures to prevent fire spread or structural collapse.

Our market leading fire-rated duct wraps (FireMaster®) stop the spread of fire by providing a high temperature, fire resistant barrier, preventing fire or toxic smoke breaking through. Our efficient high-temperature insulation is essential to the reduction of heat transfer across a wall or roof exposed to fire.

FireMaster FastWrap and Cable Tray Systems prevent the ignition of combustible materials on the non-fire exposed side and protects structures against collapse. This is achieved by limiting the temperature in a fire to below the critical point at which load-bearing capacity is lost.

FireMaster Fire Rated Duct Wraps

FireMaster FastWrap® XL is specially-developed flexible encapsulated insulation wrap, designed for the fire protection of ductwork within all types of buildings. Our products meet international and national building code and fire test performance requirements.

Ductwork in buildings should be insulated to prevent fire spreading within a building and to ensure that the duct function is maintained when exposed to a fire. Our products continue to work regardless of whether a fire occurs inside or outside the duct.

FireMaster FastWrap® XL ductwork fire protection can be used for heating and ventilation, kitchen grease extraction and pressurisation ductwork. Ancillary products and systems are also available for access doors, venting ducts and plastic pipe protection.

FireMaster Fire Rated Duct Wraps

Cable Tray Fire Protection

FireMaster® products insulate cable trays carrying instrument control cables. This ensures the cables can operate long enough to allow process shut down during fires.

The FireMaster Cable Tray Wrap system provides 30 minutes of hydrocarbon fire protection to cable trays carrying control cable wiring.

The FireMaster Cable Tray Wrap consists of FireMaster Marine Plus blanket, fully encapsulated in aluminium foil supplied and in a roll form. It is wrapped around the exterior of the cable tray and held in place with steel banding straps. Additional weather protection can be installed using corrugated aluminium sheeting.

FireMaster Cable Tray Wrap System

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