Thermal Ceramics

FireMaster FastWrap XLS Fire Rated Duct Wrap

Ultra-lightweight, blanket system for fire-rated ducts offers a 25% lighter composition than similar competitive products

FireMaster FastWrap XLS is our NEW fire-rated blanket specially developed for fire-rating steel ductwork.

A flexible blanket composed of high-temperature fibres classified for temperatures up to 1200°C (2192°F), FireMaster FastWrap XLS is fully encapsulated in aluminium foil.

FireMaster FastWrap XLS encapsulation decreases water, moisture or grease ingress, ensuring good insulation integrity and avoiding the promotion of mould growth.

FireMaster FastWrap XLS has a core blanket manufactured using our advanced Superwool® low biopersistent fibre manufacturing technology. The core blanket features exceptionally low thermal conductivity, yielding reduced thickness and density over traditional materials while meeting fire rating requirements, leading to space savings and easier installation through increased flexibility and reduced handling weight.

We think you’ll agree that during and after installation you’ll find FireMaster FastWrap XLS delivers superior performance with a superior look.


Optimised grease duct enclosure system

  • Lightest fire-rated blanket wrap system
  • Butt joints, all seams, both layers staggered seam across duct, no 75mm (3 in) overlaps
  • Contractor friendly transverse butt joint location
  • Easy, simple and fast installation, reduces installer fatigue
  • Cuts easily with less dust
  • Provides a 2-hour enclosure and firestop system for kitchen exhaust ducts and ventilation ducts
  • Maximum 75mm (3 in) thickness along all surfaces of the duct

FireMaster FastWrap XLS Documents