FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket is horizontally or vertically installed over the structure with fixing anchors at a uniform spacing of up to 350mm and with blanket joint placement allowed at any point along the structure.

A60 steel bulkhead lowest weight – 3.84 kg/m²

To optimise installation speed, single layer applications are also available.

Corrugated Panel Fire Walls

FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket is applied onto corrugated wall structures in a similar way as used for flat steel bulkheads. Precise layout varies with the steel wall thickness.

Aluminium Bulkhead and Decks Fire Protection Systems

FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket is applied using bi-metallic anchors welded to the structure at a uniform anchor spacing of 200mm, meaning that joints between blankets can be placed at any point, leading to simpler installation. 

Typical A60 system weight – 3.5 kg/m²

Special systems are also available for the thin (2mm thick) structures used in high-speed craft with a weight of 3.5 kg/m² for 60 minutes fire protection and simple installation utilising an air gap between the structure and the insulation.

FRP Composite Bulkhead and Decks Fire Protection Systems

FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket is installed using screw fixed anchors inserted into the structure of FRP sandwich panel type bulkheads and decks. DNV and MED Type Approved systems are available for both 30 and 60 minute fire rated divisions.

FireMasteresFireBarrier A60 Floating Floor system

FireMaster® FireBarrier 135 is a spray-applied, high-temperature resistant mortar. It is installed onto floors utilising anchors together with mesh and flexible cloth reinforcements to form an A60 fire protection to the floor, providing a level surface over which floor coverings can be applied if necessary.

FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket Bulkhead and Deck Systems Acoustic and Thermal Insulation 

FireMaster® Marine Plus blanket has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties being a low density blanket that is optimised for low thermal conductivity. U value data is contained in the product data sheet which can be downloaded from this site.

Significant testing has been carried out to determine the sound absorption properties of FireMaster Marine Plus Blanket and the noise reduction provided by specific fire division constructions. Full data is contained in our Fire Divisions Manual

Download individual System Details and Type Approval

If you are interested in utilising any of these Bulkhead, Deck and Floor Fire Protection solutions, please contact us today