REACH & CLP Compliant SDS's

How will the SDS change and when will they be available?

Following the entry into force of REACH on 1st June 2007 the format of the MSDS’s have changed to include new information and to make the information on hazards easier to find.

Currently the existing versions of the MSDS are still valid, there is a period of transition which runs from 1st June 2007 to 1st December 2010 during which time any MSDS which is updated to include a major change should be reformatted to follow the new layout as stipulated in the REACH regulation, this includes swapping sections 2 & 3 around and adding an email address in the contact information of section 1. If an MSDS is not updated during this time the old format is still valid.

As of 1st December 2010 new MSDS’s will be made available which will include the new format and also the new classification and labelling requirements under the new Classification Labelling and Packaging which entered into force 20th January 2009.

For those substances currently classified as dangerous under the old 67/548EEC directive or in the future in the new CLP regulation (EC no 1272/2008) there is an obligation following registration under REACH to provide exposure scenarios on uses and recommended risk management measures. These will be communicated to customers as an appendix in the MSDS and can only be included after submission of the registration dossier to the agency.