WDS Technology is Safe and Rutile (TiO2) Free

WDS® Technology manufactures the safest products with best performances.

Superior mechanical properties with lighter weight and the lowest possible thermal conductivity are only guaranteed by WDS Technology.

Always, 100% Rutile (TiO2) free.

No matter your location in the world, the health and safety of our people and the environment drives decisions made by business today. When our innovation development with WDS Technology started, we knew that a key feature and benefit of this new technology would be to improve it's impact to the people who use it in their processes.

How does this impact your decision to use WDS Microporous products?

  • WDS® Microporous products are the safest and exonerated from restriction when applicable
  • Our engineering approach with SiC begins with raw materials and unique formulations resulting in superior thermal and mechanical properties
  • Our innovative WDS® Technology provides a best-in-class performance solution
  • Minimal dust exposure from handling or cutting
  • Minimal PPE required for handling and cutting WDS Microporous

To learn more about our new formulation, review our SDS or contact us so our team can support your specific business needs.

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