WDS Technology and the benefits it brings to your application

WDS® Technology is microporous processing know-how: it allows accurate and consistent control and engineering of both the texture and the distribution of the microporous mineral matrix core.

Microporous products with WDS Technology, have a recognised quality in handling and working ability far superior to other microporous products on the market.

Consistent and balanced mineral matrix distribution

A manufacturing technology that gives a homogeneous and compact structure with the lowest thermal conductivity in the widest temperature application range.

How does this impact your application?

  • Homogeneous density, with superior compression resistance along the entire surface of the finished product
  • Excellent handling with superior cutting and machining capabilities - onsite or fabrication shop

Opacifiers impact performance

The mineral matrix distribution includes blending of special opacifiers throughout the product structure providing the most effective absorption of the infrared rays, thus minimising thermal conductivity by radiation.

How does this improve product performance?

  • Opacifiers blended in the mineral matrix further improves thermal conductivity performance in applications

Superior mechanical properties

With the total porosity maintained above 90%, special additives contained in the mineral matrix deliver superior handling and machining ability, with improved thermal stability and a low-density range.

How does this impact your application?

  • Higher compressive resistance, low density solution and thermally stable across the performance of the product
  • Improved thermal conductivity with a low-density product

Handleability and Fabrication

WDS® Technology improved manufacturing technology improves the workability of the materials for field fabrication. As we see in the video, less dust and improved cutting performance compared to existing formulations in the market.

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