Saving space, energy and weight with WDS Technology manufactured products

Our innovative WDS® Technology manufactures WDS Microporous and FireMaster® MP Microporous products that provide best-in-class performance in your Industrial, Energy or Transportation application.

Our WDS Microporous and FireMaster MP Microporous products and system solutions are designed and developed for primary and back-up insulation depending on your market and application need.

When designing your application we understand your challenges. Our Microporous products made with WDS Technology maintain their your unique product features but what changes are the benefits they provide to your business needs.

Reducing Weight

 • Save transport costs
 • Simplified engineering
 • Simplified construction
 • Reduce carbon footprint
 • Reduce metal costs withimproved design
 • Increase ROI

Saving Energy

 • Improve energy efficiency
 • Maximise energy storage
 • Reduce heat loss
 • Control heat flow
 • Reduce carbon footprint
 • Improve equipment life
 • Increase ROI

Optimising Space

 • Increase inner capacity thus more productivity
 • Reduce CapEx spend
 • Reduce outer space thus save materials  and eliminate space  congestion risk
 • Innovative construction design
 • Reduce install and maintenance
 • Increase ROI

Additionally, our Holistic Value Selector offers you the opportunity to quickly identify the additional benefits deriving from these three main criteria – weight, energy, space - and where they have an impact in your application needs.

Application Opportunities for WDS Microporous and FireMaster MP Microporous Products and Systems.

Iron & Steel
 • Torpedo, process ladles
 • Tundishes
 • Electric arc furnace
 • Tuyeres
 • Walking beams, skid pipes
 • Heat treating and forging
 • Launders
 • Melting and holding furnaces
 • Road transport ladles

Energy Storage
 • Fuel cells
 • Battery systems
 • Parabolic troughs
 • Roller, tunnel, shuttle kilns
 • Furnace (fire-off)
 • Rigid Enclosure Systems (RES)
Consumer Goods
 • Night storage heaters
 • Appliances

Oil & Gas
 • Fired heaters, reformers
 • Piping

Passive Fire Protection
 • Railway
 • Marine bulkheads and decks
 • Fire and elevator doors

These are a few examples of markets and applications where a WDS Microporous or FireMaster MP product may improve performance in your business needs. Learn more about specific solutions and benefits for your business needs. Our team are ready to help develop the best solution for your application. Contact us now.

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