Superwool XTRA Low Biopersistent Fibre for Oil and Gas

Refractory Ceramic Fibre (RCF) has long been the first-choice material for lining fired heaters in the oil refinery and petrochemical industries, due to its excellent handleability, low thermal conductivity, superior thermal shock resistance and ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

Increasing pressures to address health concerns of RCF and crystalline silica have required materials manufacturers to search for the furnace lining solution of the future.

With all the great performance of RCF but low biopersistence and uniquely not forming crystalline silica during use, our new Superwool® XTRA fibre addresses these issues in the Oil & Gas industry exceptionally well.

Superwool® XTRA is exonerated from any carcinogenic classification under Nota Q of Directive 97/69EC and delivers the strength that industrial oil and gas applications need. This is due to its resistance to high temperatures and pollutants and its improved EHS credentials.

Critical furnaces within the oil refinery and petrochemicals industry run between 1200°C and 1250°C (2192°F and 2282°F) and therefore require materials with a 1400°C (2552°F) minimum classification rating. With a classification rating of 1450°C (2642°F), Superwool® XTRA meets this performance requirement.

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