FireMaster Blankets

FireMaster® Blanket is a range of advanced fire protection materials. The low weight and non-combustibility make it suitable for many applications across a wide range of industries.

Our FireMaster® Blanket range provides fire protection materials capable of fire protection at high temperatures for extended periods of time. FireMaster® Blanket is available in a range of thicknesses and densities ensuring that there is a fire protection material, ideal for your application.

The FireMaster® Blanket range offers many benefits:

  • High temperature resistance - 1200°C for extended time periods
  • Flexible product form - easy to install
  • Weight and space savings
  • Combined fire, thermal and acoustic insulation
  • No chemical binders used - no smoke or toxic fume emission
  • Worldwide manufacturing availability with international certification and approvals

FireMaster® Blanket fire protection materials are flexible and lightweight, meaning that they are easy to install, are non-combustible and do not produce toxic smoke at high temperatures. FireMaster® Blanket is stringently tested and meets all international safety standards, providing capable, cost effective fire protection materials for a variety of industry specific applications.

FireMaster® Blanket Fire Protection materials include:

FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket

A new, ultra-light weight, fire insulation blankets offering weight savings of 20 to 30% compared to alternative lightweight solutions. Systems are available for FRP composite, steel and aluminium structural fire protection.

FireMaster® Faced Blankets

Blanket can be supplied faced with a variety of aluminium foil or glass cloth materials. FireMaster® Faced Blankets provide an aesthetically attractive finish with increased durability in service.

FireMaster® Water Repellent Blanket

FireMaster® Blanket with a water repellent treatment. Especially useful in marine and offshore applications, the treatment is applied throughout the entire blanket thickness to inhibit water ingress.

If you are interested in purchasing FireMaster® fire protection materials please contact us today; alternatively, if you would like to investigate how our products could be used in your specialist application, why not speak to one of our advisers?

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