Pyro-Log High Temperature Insulation

Pyro-Log fibres are a monolithic slab of high temperature insulation manufactured as Refractory Ceramic Fibres (RCF) or Superwool® Low Biopersistent Fibres. Pyro-Log is an effective thermal insulation in furnace and boilers and kiln car insulation in ceramic kilns.

High Temperature Insulation Fibre Pyro-Log

Our Pyro-Log™ range comprises two fibre grades:

  • Alkaline Earth Silicate Fibre (AES) log made from our unique low bio-persistence fibre Superwool
  • Refractory Ceramic Fibre (RCF) log made from Cerablanket® (R grade) and Cerachem® (ZR grade). 

Pyro-Log offers all the thermal insulation performance of our fibre blanket products, in an uncompressed log form and is available in densities up to 240 kg/m3 (15 pcf). 

AES (Superwool)

Superwool offers exceptional performance-to-weight ratio and is resistant to chemical attack. Superwool® is the only low bio persistence fibre available with a classification temperature of 1300°C (2372°F). 

Superwool fibres are exonerated and are not classified as carcinogenic by IARC or under any national regulations on a global basis. They have no requirements for warning labels under GHS (Globally Harmonised System for the classification and labelling of chemicals). In Europe, Superwool fibres meet the requirements specified under NOTA Q of European Directive 67/548. All Superwool fibre products are therefore exempt from the classification and labelling regulation in Europe. 


All our RCF Pyro-Log products are lightweight and strong, with low thermal conductivity and heat storage capacity for effective energy savings. 

Cerablanket (R grade) and Cerachem (ZR grade) offer excellent chemical stability and strength and have superior acoustic as well as thermal insulation characteristics. Cerablanket (R grade) is classified to 1316°C (2400°F). Cerachem® (ZR grade) is classified to 1427°C (2600°F). 

Pyro-Log contains a lubricant that allows for extra compression during installation, which ensures good, tight joints. Once installed, Pyro-Log converts to a tough, near-monolithic structure with a durable, board-like texture when fired. Its monolithic structure can easily be cut to shape on site to accommodate openings and awkward shapes. 

Pyro-Log provides easy to use, economical, efficient thermal lining for all types of high temperature processing equipment. It is typically used in:

  • Homogenising furnaces
  • Process heaters
  • Ceramic kilns
  • Annealing furnaces
  • Heat treating furnaces
  • Thermal oxidisers 

We help customers solve thermal insulation challenges. We can help with optimum product specification and lining design. To discuss your requirements with one of our applications team, please contact us.

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