Fired Refractory Shapes and Crucibles

We engineer market leading refractory crucibles, distribution boxes, hot top boxes, tubes, nozzles and shapes for a variety of critical duties in vacuum induction melting and other heat intensive applications greater than 1649°C (3000°F) and market as Cerox®, Morsil and Valcor.

Fired refractory products

Our fired refractory crucibles, distribution boxes, hot top boxes, tubes, nozzles and shapes are made using a range of refractory materials and manufacturing processes. High alumina, silicon carbide, nitride bonded silicon carbide and fused silica formulations allow us to engineer the optimum solution for reliability and durability in each customer application, even under the most arduous conditions.

Our thixotropical casting manufacturing process in allows for crucibles and shapes to be made to precise customer specifications. Thixotropic casting uses a dispersion agent, which allows the mix to flow when vibrated without requiring high water content. These manufacturing techniques, combined with precisely controlled firing and 100% product inspection, produce high-quality components suited to the most arduous of high-temperature environments. Our crucibles are available in a range of sizes from 136 kg up to 2.7 mt (300–2000lbs).

Morsil nitride-bonded silicon carbide refractory shapes have high thermal conductivity, superior thermal shock and oxidation resistance. They also have higher hot strength compared to oxide bonded silicon carbide refractories. This makes them an idle choice as kiln furniture. Their non-wetting property makes them suitable for use in non-ferrous metal contact areas

Key features of our fired refractories range are:

  • High thermal conductivity and refractoriness, low thermal expansion and outstanding abrasion/erosion resistance, thanks to alpha silicon carbide crystals
  • Wide choice of bonding options ensures properties can be matched to application needs, such high operating temperatures, resistance to corrosion or thermal shock, strength
  • Low gas permeability
  • Tight tolerance capability

Our fired refractory crucibles, distribution boxes, hot top boxes, tubes, nozzles and shapes are used extensively in the vacuum induction melting of super alloys, iron and steel and aluminium processing applications. Our Cerox® and Morsil products are typically used in these melting applications:

  • Crucibles, tundishes and launder systems
  • Furnace spouts, distribution boxes, hot tops and metamics - metal-ceramic composite thermocouple sheaths
  • Muffles, ladle liners, saggars, sealed quench furnace muffle assemblies
  • Kiln furniture
  • Consumable glass-contact refractories

We engineer optimum solutions for specific customer challenges. Contact us today to discuss your requirements or to organise for one of our team to visit your foundry to engineer your specific application solution.

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