Refinery and Chemical Processing Application Solutions for Thermal Management and Passive Fire Protection

For harsh, demanding environments and processing equipment in the Refining and Chemical Processing segments of the Oil & Gas Industry, thermal insulation and passive fire protection solutions are critical. For processes in FCCU, Reformers and Process Piping, our high temperature fibre, refractory and Microporous insulation products are designed for these harsh environments to help improve the efficiency of processes by reducing energy consumption, emissions and operating costs.

Our engineered solutions are used extensively in the petrochemical sector to help improve the efficiency of processes by reducing energy consumption, emissions and operating costs.

Refining and chemical processing applications present some of the world’s harshest operational environments for equipment and people. Thermal Ceramics engineered solutions are routinely chosen to fulfil critical applications in upstream, midstream and downstream processes.

The solutions we supply to the petrochemical sector include:

  • Fired Heaters like process heaters and reformers look to our Pyro-Bloc® Modules, K® and JM IFB, and Kaolite®, Firelite® and Tri-Mor® castables for lining walls, floors, radiant arches, burner blocks and peepsites, tube seals and convection sections, corbels and stacks
  • FCCUs look to our globally recognised and industry preferred Kao-Tuff®, Kaocrete®, Tri-Mor® special duty, high abrasion resistant castables for flue gas lines, cyclones, catalyst lines, and reactors sections
  • Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU) and ammonia reformers depend on our high alumina Insulating Firebrick (IFB) and castables to ensure operations remain online. SR-90 Firebrick are commonly sourced for Domes in Ammonia Reformers and our K® and JM IFB accompanied by our special duty Kaolite®, Firelite® and Kao-Tab to line SRUs
  • Process pipes across the plant look to the lightweight, WDS® Microporous Flexible insulation solutions due to its flexibility and ease of handling

How Passive Fire Protection is critical

FireMaster® systems for the Offshore and Petrochemical Industry provide hydrocarbon and jet fire protection to structures and process equipment whilst also providing ancillary benefits such as low weight, good acoustic, thermal insulation and ease of installation.

Hydrocarbon products burn faster and to a higher temperature than materials commonly found in buildings. Fire insulation materials used must be high-temperature resistant and immune from thermal shock.

FireMaster® applications in offshore platforms, FPSO’s and petrochemical plants

  • Bulkhead and deck insulation systems
  • Process equipment, valve and actuator protection systems
  • Structural steelwork fire protection
  • Instrument cable tray protection

Applications across the Oil & Gas Industry have the most critical demands from the insulation solution designed to help maintain operations. Our Applications Engineering team works with leading engineering firms, plant owners and contractors to design the best product or system solution that provides superior thermal insulating and fire protection performance.

With manufacturing facilities and sales offices in more than forty countries, we are able to supply the global petrochemical market with the most appropriate system for the job, anywhere round the world. Contact us for more information.

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