Building & Construction: Commercial, Industrial, Government

From commercial kitchen grease ducts to structural steel to cable trays, FireMaster® high performance fire protection systems and products are chosen for applications solutions in Commercial, Industrial and Municipal Building & Construction applications.

Did you know that modern construction of commercial and residential buildings, and industrial plants require passive fire protection measures to prevent fire spread or structural collapse?

Our passive fire protection systems, FireMaster® Duct and Cable Tray Wraps stop the spread of fire by providing a high-temperature, fire resistant barrier preventing fire or toxic smoke break-through. The efficient high-temperature insulation provided is essential to reduce heat transfer across a wall or roof exposed to fire, preventing ignition of combustible materials on the non-fire exposed side.

FireMaster® Blankets developed to protect structures against collapse, provide passive fire protection limiting the temperature in a fire to below the critical point at which load-bearing capacity is lost.

FireMaster® applications in buildings or industrial plants

Compartmentation can be breached where any item passes through a fire rated compartment. Construction details such as expansion joints also provide a potential route for fire to spread. All of these need to be 'fire-stopped' i.e. sealed to ensure the original fire rating of the wall is maintained.

FireMaster® Firestop and Penetration Sealing Systems 

Our fire stop systems protect against the passage of flames, deadly gases and toxic smoke through openings that are created for penetrations, movement joints and gaps in fire-rated wall, floor and floor/ceiling assemblies. These products feature:

  • Easier installation than many systems available
  • Simple designs using non-combustible, smoke-free materials
  • Non-toxic, inert, materials

Duct Wrap Passive Fire Protection

Fire can easily spread through a duct breaching any fire rated compartment through which the duct passes. Our FireMaster® FastWrap® XL systems protect the duct to ensure the duct will not cause fire spread across compartments. Additionally. the function of the duct, for pressurisation of escape ways for example is also maintained. The systems offer easier installation and simpler, thinner solutions than alternative materials. 

FireMaster® products – the 'core' of your fire rated door

In addition to our own systems, we offer our high-performance insulation products to manufacturers of fire doors and other fire-rated products. These products include our FireMaster® Blanket, FireMaster® MP and FireMaster® Board products for both steel and solid core doors. These products offer lower weight or thickness than the alternative materials traditionally used. 

Structural Steel Fire Protection

Our FireMaster® Blanket provides fire insulation to structural steel in buildings to prevent collapse of the building. Our blanket system is easier to install than many alternative products and is especially suited for suspended construction due to its low weight.

If you would like specialist advice on suitable specifications for any of the systems and products mentioned above, or if you are interested in the potential for our products in your next project, please contact us today.

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