HTIWC Information

HTIW Coalition LogoThe HTIW Coalition represents the North American High Temperature Insulation Wool (HTIW) industry in matters relating to health and safety. Its members manufacture a broad range of HTIW products that are essential in industrial applications, such as the thermal insulation of furnaces, other thermal process equipment, automotive catalytic converters and for various fire protection and prevention purposes.

The primary objective of the Coalition is to develop and disseminate guidance on appropriate work practices and other occupational safety and health measures in the production and use of HTIWs.

Our Goals:

  • Provide knowledge of HTIWs to workers, users, distributors, processors and regulators.
  • Communicate the benefits of HTIWs and support technologies associated with HTIWs.
  • Initiate and support scientific research for further understanding of the environmental and health effects of HTIWs.
  • Develop and share recommended work practices to encourage safe handling and exposure reduction in the production and use of HTIWs.
  • Maintain existing cooperative working relationships with regulatory agencies and non-governmental organizations involved in reviewing and understanding HTIWs.
  • Implement the recommendations of PSP 2012 to continue to protect and safeguard workers both at manufacturing and user sites.

OSHA recently renewed its agreement with the HTIW Coalition to protect worker safety and health, read about it here.

For more information on the HTIW Coalition, visit their website here.