ECFIA Information

ECFIA logoECFIA represents the European High Temperature Insulation Wool (HTIW) industry in matters relating to health and safety. Its members manufacture a broad range of HTIW products that are essential in industrial applications, such as the thermal insulation of furnaces, other thermal process equipment, catalytic converters for vehicles and for various fire protection and prevention purposes.

The following pages provide comprehensive information about HTIW. You will find information about the production, use and advantages of HTIW. In addition, we shall advise you about the current conditions and the regulations pertinent to their application. Furthermore, we should like to inform you about ECFIA and present our aims and activities in the following.

ECFIA started its activities as "The European Ceramic Fibre Industry Association". It was set up to coordinate industry efforts in the areas of health and safety.

From the start, ECFIA has cooperated with the scientific community to improve and broaden the understanding of HTIW characteristics and opportunities. As ECFIA is dedicated to health and safety matters, the association developed a series of information documents providing users with recommendations on good working practices concerning the use of ASW/RCF products. As from 1985, ECFIA members began labelling all their ASW/RCF products, ensuring the information was reaching all persons dealing with these products right down to shop-floor level.

Our Goals

  • Provide a sound knowledge of HTIWs for users, re-processors, distributors, regulators and workers.
  • Communicate the benefits of and the enabling technologies associated with HTIWs.
  • Initiate independent scientific research to further the understanding of the environmental and health effects of HTIWs.
  • Develop safe working practices and good occupational health and safety standards in the production and use of HTIWs.
  • Actively engage with EU authorities and government agencies with regard to practical regulatory controls for HTIWs.

What does ECFIA hope to achieve?

  • Rational and qualified communication on the possibilities and benefits associated with the inherent characteristics of HTIW.
  • Contribute to the environmental goals set for the industry by the EU by providing advanced and sophisticated insulation solutions.
  • Establish and promote the best available techniques for the safe handling and use of HTIW.
  • A long-lasting cooperation with EU authorities and national regulatory agencies.

For more information on ECFIA, visit their website here.