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Board Products

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Our Thermal Ceramics business offers a range of Ceraboard products due to its high performance insulation for high temperature applications.

Offering  characteristics such as good machineability, resistance to chemical attack and thermal shock resistance; they can also be used in direct contact with flames, our Ceraboard range is the right choice for your end application.  

Our Ceraboard range is available in a range of different dimensions:

  • Ceraboard 100 and Ceraboard 115 are available in 1200 x 1000mm panels
  • Ceraboard 100 standard thicknesses: 6, 7.5, 10, 13, 15, 20, 25, 40 & 50mm
  • Ceraboard 115 standard thicknesses: 25, 40 & 50mm

Our Ceraboard (RCF) products can be used in an array of different applications and have frequently been used as insulation for boilers, kilns and finances furnaces in industrial and domestic settings when a classified temperature of up to 1400⁰C.  

We have the ability to manufacture products in different shapes and sizes, made from a wide range of advanced materials to tight dimensional tolerances.  Our extensive production capabilities allow us to improve our production efficiency which ensures our insulation is cost effective as well as exceptional quality.

We work closely with our customers to select the right Ceraboard product ensuring it is the optimal product for your application.