Insulation Panel

Insulation Panel

Offering unique thermal management and physical properties our ceramic materials can provide you with high performance rigid insulation panel for your industry specific applications.

In addition to the excellent thermal insulation properties of BTU-BLOCK™ and Min-K® materials, our rigid insulation panels provide exceptional performance in compression situations.

The excellent mechanical strength is due to the extremely low density of the product which, combined with glass cloth encapsulation of the panels delivers outstanding flexural and compressive strength.

We have successfully implemented rigid insulation panels in a wide range of industries and in applications where extreme temperatures and immense forces are constant.

BTU-BLOCK™ Insulation Panels

BTU-BLOCK™ rigid insulation panels offer exceptional compressive strength, excellent thermal efficiency and are versatile enough to be utilised in high temperature and OEM environments across a broad range of industries and market sectors.

Min-K® Insulation Panels

Low weight, extreme durability and low thermal conductivity properties make Min-K® insulation panels the ideal thermal, management solution in challenging situations where weight and efficiency are critical.

If you would like to purchase BTU-BLOCK™ or Min-K® insulating panels or would like to discuss potential uses for our thermal insulation materials use the contact link below and an adviser will contact you.

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