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Furnaces & Fire Assayware

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Trading under the Furnace Industries brand Morgan Advanced Materials manufactures crucibles, cupels and furnaces for use in the fire assay process for gold determination as well as calcining ovens and carbon regeneration kilns for use in the gold ore processing circuit.

Our crucibles and cupels are manufactured for use in all fire assay applications. The crucibles made from quality raw materials, are resistant to erosion, thermal shock and designed for multiple use. The cupels are made from carefully controlled magnesite to ensure consistency in lead absorption and silver loss.

Our fusion and cupellation furnaces are regarded as the industry standard for fire assay and are available in Natural Gas, LPG, Oil and Electric models. Also available are drying ovens, roasting and ashing furnaces for general laboratory applications. Our electric calcining furnaces can be found in gold rooms worldwide. We have made over 1,600 furnaces and they can be found all over the world in both commercial and mine laboratories.

We are the sole licensed manufacturer of the WCC range of carbon regeneration kilns. These kilns are a proven performer and guarantee to reduce carbon consumption in the gold circuit. Regeneration up to 90% can be achieved using our kilns.

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