Morgan Thermal Ceramics wins contract for impressive Venice MOSE project

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Morgan Thermal Ceramics, a global leader in high temperature thermal insulation and fire protection products, has won a contract to supply 40 kilometres of air duct fire protection blankets in the prestigious MOSE project in Venice, Italy.

The MOSE project, which is one of the world’s largest sea defence projects, is intended to protect the city of Venice from floods and 78 floodgates are being constructed to isolate the Venetian Lagoon from the Adriatic Sea.

Morgan Thermal Ceramics will be supplying its reliable Firemaster FastWrap® XL ductwork fire insulation for use on the ventilation air ducts in the immersed tunnels used for maintenance of the flood system. Fire protection on the air ducts is vital because it reduces the risk of fire spreading and of personal injury.

To be selected for the project, the fire protection blanket had to undergo stringent fire resistance testing in accordance with EN 1366-1 standards. It has proven to provide safe and reliable protection of the air ducts in the event of a fire.

Firemaster FastWrap® XL insulation blanket with a density of 96kg/m3 and thickness of 38mm was chosen for its many advantages compared to traditional fire protection blankets. The FastWrap® blanket is fully encapsulated in aluminium foil, which prevents moisture ingress into the fire protection material, and thus provides reliable protection in damp conditions over a long lifetime. It is a waterproof, flexible, thin and light weight insulation that is simple and easy to install. As a result, installation times and costs can be dramatically reduced and efficiency increased.

As an alkaline earth silicate encapsulated blanket, it is environmentally friendly and has health and safety benefits compared to alternative insulations. FastWrap® duct wrap provides excellent protection in temperatures up to 1200°C. The fibres are completely inorganic and non-combustible and do not emit toxic gas or smoke when heated.

“We are delighted to be supplying the fire protection insulation for this prestigious project,” says Francesco Ferrari, Morgan Thermal Ceramics’ fire protection sales specialist for South Europe. “FastWrap® duct wrap is fully encapsulated with reinforced aluminium foil which provides excellent and reliable protection of ventilation systems, and has a life expectancy of 100 years.”

All FireMaster® fire protection products are comprehensively tested, meet national and international standards and have worldwide approvals for cellulosic, hydro carbon and jet fire protection. Morgan Thermal Ceramics supplies reliable passive fire protection and insulation for an array of marine, industrial and commercial applications and its Firemaster FastWrap® XL insulation is suitable for a wide range of uses including air ventilation, hazardous chemical exhausts and even clothes dryer and commercial kitchen grease ducts.