High Temperature Fibre and Refractory Insulation Solutions for Petrochemical

The Thermal Ceramics business of Morgan Advanced Materials provides high temperature fibre, refractory and microporous insulation products and systems for thermal management in critical high temperature environments. Our engineered solutions are used extensively in the petrochemical sector to help improve the efficiency of processes by reducing energy consumption, emissions and operating costs.

The oil and gas industry presents some of the world’s harshest operational environments for equipment and people. Thermal Ceramics engineered solutions are routinely chosen to fulfil critical applications in upstream, midsteam and downstream processes. Our core strength is our ability to get to grips with individual customer problems, using our materials and our applications expertise to design, manufacture and install optimum, reliable thermal management solutions.

The solutions we supply to the Oil and Gas industry in the Petrochemical sector include:

  • Engineered linings systems comprised of high temperature insulating Superwool® and Cerablanket® fibre blankets and Pyro-Bloc® modules as well as lower wall construction with IFB
  • Vacuum formed fibre burner surrounds
  • FireMaster® fire protection for cable tray wrap
  • WDS® Microporous flexible pipe insulation for process pipes
  • Castable monolithic fired refractory insulating materials for back-up and transection sections marketed under Kaolite®, Firelite® and Tri-Mor® brands

Our engineered product solutions offer superior thermal insulating and fire protection performance. They are lightweight, with excellent resistance to high temperatures, mechanical stresses and chemical attack for reliable operation and extended service life. Our extensive range and our applications expertise mean that we can optimise solutions to match specific requirements.

With manufacturing facilities and sales offices in more than 50 countries, we are able to supply the global petrochemical market with the most appropriate system for the job, anywhere round the world. Contact us for more information.